Apple Park

Apple’s 175-acre corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA features 2.8M square feet of floor area and is home to 13,500 employees.

Anchored by the world-famous ring building (which is one mile in circumference), the campus includes an underground 1,000-seat theater, a visitor center, a wellness facility, 4 office/R&D buildings, a data center, and 3 parking structures. The inside of the ring features a lushly landscaped park with outdoor cafes, trails, and other amenities. A custom-designed parking guidance system helps move over 14,000 vehicles throughout the campus daily.

I provided design and project management, design development, on-site coordination and installation, and project close-out.

Additionally, I created a dynamic parking guidance system throughout the campus. My scope was to design and deliver an end-to-end solution, with all control systems and displays custom-designed to address Apple’s unique needs.